Best home cooking recipes with mortar and pestle

Best home cooking recipes with mortar and pestle

Although many individuals don’t think of buying mortar and pestle for their kitchens, it can become very useful in the kitchen. With that said, mentioned below are some awesome home cooking recipes with mortar and pestle.

One of the most obvious uses of a mortar and pestle is making pesto. It is true that you can simply toss all those ingredients into a food processor and process it. However, using a mortar and pestle is the traditional way of doing it. Although a food processor is fast, the perfect results can be achieved through a mortar and pestle. Pesto comes in its superior form when you crush and bruise the ingredients without aggressively chopping them into superfine pieces. Pesto created using food processors tastes somewhat bitter because of this very reason and the authentic taste can only be achieved with a mortar and pestle.

Caesar Dressing
Using a mortar and pestle could be the most appropriate way to mash anchovies and garlic until they become a paste.

If you can find a pretty large mortar and pestle, you can consider it as a traditional molcajete. In fact, a molcajete is a Mexican mortar that can mash perfect, authentic guacamole.

Chimichurri is an herby Argentinean sauce and it works perfectly on steak, fish, or even on chicken. You can use your mortar and pestle to make the perfect sauce with the expected quality and a perfectly balanced product.

Spice blends
It is true that you can buy pretty much all the spices in the grounded version. However, if you grind the spices by yourself, you can make sure that the products are consumed in a fresh and authentic aroma. So, you can grind a mix of whole spices and you can create blends such as Garam Masala (Indian), Baharat (North African), and Za’Atar (Middle Eastern).

The raw vegetables, grilled fish, and meat should be spiced up using aioli. Also, you can use the same Aioli for French fries. In fact, Aioli is a mayonnaise that has a nice garlic taste and they can make pretty much every food item better. You can use this mixture with a mortar and pestle.

If you want to make hummus with some chunks and with rustic-style, the best way is to use a mortar and pestle. Well, just like the authentic pesto, hummus is made with mortar and pestle.

Curry Paste
Just like grounded spice, there is no shortage of readymade curry pastes in the market. However, if you make your curry paste at home, the taste would be excellent and fresh. Although the list of ingredients required is pretty long, the time you invest in it is totally worth it.

In addition to that, there are plenty of other recipes you can create using a mortar and pestle. If you wish to enjoy freshly prepared recipes at home, a mortar and pestle is a must-have combination in your kitchen.

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