Putting together a cheese board, the correct way

Putting together a cheese board, the correct way

Are you planning to host a dinner party? If so, one of the best ways to finish it off is by presenting a cheese board. Well, when preparing a cheese board, you cannot expect to stick any old cheese there for the sake of creating a cheese board. So, it is compulsory to think of it as a perfect time to get your guests to try something unique and take the opportunity to exhibit your creativity and put together an amazing cheeseboard.

With that said, there are a couple of ways to put a choice board together. However, the truth is that they all involve selecting some sort of common theme.

The theme for the cheese board you prepare can be anything. It can be milk type to the style of cheese or even the region it comes from. In addition to that, you could also select it on the basis of the accompaniment. For instance, cheeses that go with Merlot or put together a purely organic selection.

You should also consider what the rest of your meal is going to be when creating a cheese board. Also, you may find that drives you towards the theme. As an example, if you are planning to have antipasti and an Italian main and dessert, it is a good idea to continue with that main Italian theme to the cheeseboard as well.

However, if there is no obvious theme yet but you still want to make a statement, it would be better to try a smelly cheese board? For instance, cheeses like Stinking Bishop are more pungent but still, they are very tasty. So, let your cheese selection do the talking on the table.

Also, there are various ways to make it outstanding. If you want a different way to present your board, you should include a hot cheese selection which will give the cheeses different properties from if they are left cold. Also, the cheeses will definitely melt nicely and the board you present will be rather a different one from everyone else's offerings that are presented under normal room temperature. Also, you should remember to keep the cheeses separate so your guests can taste them individually.

Regardless of what you do, the best is a bold selection of cheeses. You cannot simply cater to the most delicate palette because if you do so, there will be hardly any impact created by the board. In addition to that, you should do your best to avoid the obvious cheeses so that your guests won't be able to simply eat what they already know. You should make it more of a food adventure for your guests.

If your intention is to showcase just a single cheese, just present it using complementary and contradictory accompaniments. However, you must ensure that if you go down this route that the main cheese will be appreciated by all of your guests. It is important because they don’t have any other choice.

One of the most important things is that you shouldn’t forget to serve your presentation on a beautiful, aesthetically appealing wooden cheese board so your guests will appreciate it.

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